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Nada AlShammari

Hi! I am

Nada AlShammari

I founded MAPP as a research and education platform with the aim of achieving civic education through the converging arts and sciences. For more than fifteen years we’ve been working on interdisciplinary projects which foster broader engagement and dialogue in youth education, gender empowerment, science communication, and spreading innovative ideas. It is with gratitude and excitement that we at MAPP have witnessed the positive impacts our programs have had in widening the circle for civic engagement. We invite you to take this opportunity to join us in building a community, a culture and to inspire our future generations.




MAPP contributes to youth education and development through creative place making and collaborative project based engagement. 


MAPP Education projects are undertaken by media artists, teachers, technologists, engineers and scientists.  Our educational projects are not-for-profit and our values reflect relevance, inclusion, creativity, quality, leadership, collaboration, and sustainability.

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