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Critical Peaks is an interdisciplinary collaboration of representatives from different fields of scientific research (physics, genetics, computer science, social sciences, cognition, space sciences and environmental science ..) and artists (multimedia-art, sculpture, performance, film, photography, creative non-fiction).

Aesthetics & Science

Popular Science Monthly Volume 39 [Publi

Nervous System of the Adult Bee. (E. Blanchard, Metamorphoses. Credit: Welcome Collection. CC BY)Popular Science Monthly Volume 39, 1 January 1891.

Each issue is an experimental, interactive expression and has a particular theme, originating and evolving a sequence of art-science research and collaborative projects and activities. The main purpose of this publication is to be a catalyst for innovation in the arts and sciences by creating opportunities to encourage and help Artists, Scientists, and Technologists to collaborate.

Descartes. Diagram of the brain and nerv

Descartes. Diagram of the brain and nerves.

Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY


Hidden Learning' is taken from 'Chrysalis', an initiative designed to bring together women at all stages of their careers in science research to talk about issues and to seek advice and inspiration. The conversations were interpreted by artist Sophie McKay Knight to create a body of work that was displayed in the Byre Gallery in St Andrews as part of the Women in Science Festival 2016. A key aim of the project is to examine how creativity and imagination are required as well as integrity and precision when pursuing scientific research. Hidden Learning explores the parts of themselves women feel they keep hidden in the work environment, such as the pull of career and home/other life - unique as that is to every woman. The veil seen in this image is made up of the molecular structure of a sugar molecule, contributes by one of the participating artists.

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